A dedicated music NFT marketplace set to revolutionize the music industry

Launching soon in September - December 2021


MUSETTE DIGITAL is powered by NFTMUSIC.AI, a groundbreaking music ecosystem that empowers musicians and artists to build and interact with an online audience, monetize their performances and earn a transparent compensation for their proprietary works.

We are a non-fungible token (NFT) platform that leverages the blockchain technology to help musicians to sell their proprietary and unique works and earn an income in a secure manner.

Through our platform, musicians can upload their creations and put them up for sale. By using smart contracts on the blockchain network, they will be able to securely prove ownership of their digital content, thereby keeping its authenticity and preventing duplication or theft.

The platform also empowers musicians to set their own royalties and claim a portion of the resale value should their work get resold in the future. Never in the history of mankind has this been possible, till now.

How does it work?

Each content that is being uploaded onto our platform is protected with a cryptographic signature that gives each unique NFT its “birth certificate”, making it immutable, unduplicable, and traceable.

The creator retains all rights, title, and interest of their creation. The holder or subsequent owners of the NFT can enjoy the creation for their personal use or keep it as a collectible item.

Step 1

Creator signs up for our platform:

Set up crypto wallet

Step 2

Creator creates a digital artwork & upload it on our platform

Step 3

Artwork gets authenticated with a cryptographic signature

Step 4

Creator can set the royalty and the timer for the auction. Or select direct transaction

Step 5

Buyers can place bids or make a direct offer

Step 6

Bidding: NFT goes to the highest bidder

Direct Transaction: Creators retain the decision to accept offer

Step 7

Sale amount will be transferred to the creator’s wallet

Transaction System

A hybrid transaction system will be designed to give creators more flexibility in choosing their ideal transaction mechanism - an open bid system to allow the NFT to be sold to the highest bidder or a direct transaction for creators who are looking for a more controlled and transparent platform to sell their creations.

The payment method will be predominantly through our $MUSIC tokens, but we are looking to build an ecosystem where users can purchase the digital assets using the Binance Coin (BNB) or Credit Card.

How do musicians benefit?

Our platform allows musicians to set their own royalty rates and thus reduce the dependency of finding a record label who takes up a bulk of their earnings.

They can determine how many quantities of each work they want to sell, and how much royalties they want to take even if the work is being resold in the future.

Creators will continue to receive royalties in perpetuity whenever their creations are being resold.

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